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Senator Kaine Urged Not to Debate without CP Endorsed Matt Waters

July 18, 2018

Chairman John Bloom asked Senator Tim Kaine to support FAIRNESS and NOT be in any debate in which Libertarian Matt Waters is not invited to participate. Corey Stewart has no reasonable chance of getting elected.  Please click here to see our press release.

Members Attend Stand for your Second Amendment Rights Rally

Members of the Constitution Party of Virginia attended the National State Capital, Stand for Your Rights 2A Rally on Saturday April 14.  We heard people talk about protecting their homes and families by displaying weapons, we heard stories of people who were in abusive situations and expressed their need to keep their right to bear arms, and there were speeches from lobbyists and politicians who were involved in the debates over currently proposed bills in the Virginia legislature.  The event in Richmond was sponsored and organized by the Virginia Citizens Defense League. 

The Constitution Party members interacted with attendees of the rally.  We passed out business cards and displayed a banner.  We wore CP caps and sweat shirts; and spoke with members of the local media.

Some attendees at the very peaceful rally had rifles slung over their shoulders or holstered pistols on their hips.  Others displayed posters, banners, and flags of various sorts.

Chairman John Bloom at Stand for your
                        Rights Rally
Man with Don't Tread on Me Flag
Rally Attendees Carrying Weapons
Chairman Bloom displaying his Constitution Party cap and sweat shirt
Some attendees brought their posters and flags.
Some attendees carrying rifles and pistols

Constitution Party Offers Conservative Alternative for Young Americans

The Constitution Party attended CPAC, and the young people greeted us quite well. The CP Representatives attending from across the country were pleasantly surprised by their response. After Donald Trump's speech, Turning Point USA gave us the sticker shown below about being AWAKE. Please click here to see our press release about the experience we had with young people at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Paul Provance our new Treasurer and webmaster is organizing Northern Virginia for the CPV.  Get in touch with him at (703)764-0460 if you live in Northern Virginia and would like to become active in helping to grow this Conservative Alternative. Please leave a message so that he can distinguish you from the many spam callers he hears from.

The Constitution Party of Virginia (CPV) is collecting donations to help finance a booth at CPAC Next Year.  Click the Donate Button above to contribute toward this important effort.

The Constitution Party was at CPAC 2018

                        Showing a Third Choice

The Constitution Party of Virginia Helps National Party at CPAC 2018

Chairman Bloom, Vice-Chairman Kraut, and Treasurer Paul Provance assisted in the planning committee and helped out in the National Party's booth at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) 2018 at National Harbor, Maryland on February 21-24.  It was a huge success where the Constitution Party booth may have been the busiest booth at the convention, despite its relatively small size.  People of all ages, but especially young people from late teens through their twenties showed a strong interest in the possibility of another option to the two major parties.

CP of Virginia wants to strongly support a booth at next year's event again, because we get an out sized benefit due to our physical proximity to National Harbor.  However, it costs money.  A prominent booth that comes with a sponsorship that will give the Constitution Party greater access to the media, to advertising, and speaking opportunities would be around $30,000. A modest booth will cost about $13,000 dollars including sponsorship, handout materials, and participant registrations.  This event attracts many local young people, enthusiastic to get involved, and it attracts many local and national media outlets which can magnify our outreach.  Two donations of $7,500, or 130 donations of $100 would cover the cost.

We ask that you consider donating today, to Constitution Party of Virginia's general fund, to support its activities including funding a booth at CPAC 2019.  DONATE

Growing National Debt Will be a Burden on Our Children


The American Revolution was sparked by the British policy of taxing the American colonies without allowing them any representation in the British Parliament. This has been commonly referred to as “Taxation without representation.” Well, Americans are now doing this to their own children, and neither the Republicans nor the Democrats seem to care.

What most people fail to understand that the national debt is deferred taxation with interest. When a candidate for public office says he will offer a tax cut that will result in increased debt, that is not a tax cut, but rather a shifting of the tax burden to future generations. The national debt now stands at more than $18 trillion with interest of $266 billion a year.

When Ed Gillespie says he will cut taxes and does not offer any spending cuts to reduce the size of state government, he is hoping that the growth in the economy will continue to grow state government. Most Virginians do not even realize that 22 percent of Virginia’s revenue is dependent on federal tax revenue.

Virginia needs to start reducing the size of state government and a modest tax cut would start to wean Virginia off federal dollars. Is my generation so selfish that we would sacrifice our children and our grandchildren’s futures?

It is time for most of us to do what our parents did for us: Make sacrifices so our offspring have better lives then we did. We all must correct politicians like Mr. Gillespie and tell him that a tax cut that increases debt increases taxes on our children.


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