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It is time to begin collecting signatures to get CPV candidates on the ballot for the November General Election.  The Constitution Party of Virginia so far has three candidates who have indicated their intention to run for office in 2021:  Timothy Clay Phipps (TC Country) for governor, Sheila (Samm) Tittle for Lieutenant Governor, and David Adam McKelvey, for Attorney General.

Nominating Petition Forms

We are including here with the standard petition forms for each candidate, a copy of the Petition that does not require there to be a witness to the the signatures, (Non-Witness Form).  There is also one Nominating Petition for each candidate (Governor, Lt Governor and Attorney General). Whichever you use, they must be completed, signed and MAILED to John Bloom, 14214 Penrith Lane, Newport News, VA, 23602. You could ALSO email John the form as well, Though we're not sure the Board of Elections would accept electronic copies. The other three documents are the standard Petition Forms if you choose to get friends, family, or other registered voters to sign a petition, but you must witness each person signing the petition and then sign the form in front of a Notary Republic (go to your bank as they should not charge you if you have a Bank Account with them.

The Plan is to have as many people send this message to friends and family across Virginia, ask them to complete the Non-Witness form and have them mail that form to John. WE can do this without having to collect signatures at events or going door to door. SIGNING a Nomination Petition does not require that person to be obligated to vote for that person, but gets them on the Virginia Ballot.

Also we want to run candidates in all 100 Delegate Districts.  Because of Gerrymandering Republican and Democrats do not even run candidates in every Delegate District. We can make History and I believe we can win with just 40% of the vote. The Republican Party is in Disarray, between those Loyal to Donald Trump and those Loyal to the Republican Party with many such as myself leaving the Republican Party. The Republican Party has not won a statewide election since 2009 and with Democrats winning in many Republican Gerrymandered Districts taking control of both houses of the Legislature and the Governors office, they cannot win statewide in Virginia. This is the Constitution Party of Virginia's opportunity to make a statement and win in elections all across the state including Governor, LT Governor and Attorney General.

For more information go to if you want to get more involved.  John Bloom, Chairman  Constitution Party of Virginia.

Non Witness Petition

TC Country for Governor Petition

Samm Tittle for Lieutenant-Governor Petition

David Adam McKelvey for Attorney General Petition

Chairman John Bloom has made a short two minute video on how to fill out the Non-Witness Petition that may be helpful to you. Follow the link below to our Facebook page where you will find it located.

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